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Digital Survival Group attracts investor Lexar Partners to accelerate growth and continue with strategic buy-and-build.


Utrecht, the Netherlands – Digital Survival Group, a fast-growing platform of high-end boutiques with a focus on digital transformation, today announced a partnership with Lexar Partners, a Laren (NH) based Dutch investment firm with a focus on tomorrow’s digital world.


Digital Survival Group currently consists of two digital boutiques: cloud native managed services specialist Digital Survival Company and low-code development expert Product League. The group has grown rapidly over the past five years with more than 200 employees operating from offices in the Netherlands and Portugal. The company has secured a prominent place in the Dutch digital transformation landscape. In Lexar Partners, Digital Survival Group has found a strong partner to build on the platform’s growth and accelerate its buy-and-build strategy in both the Dutch and European markets.


“We want to grow rapidly into a European digital transformation platform from our boutique-driven approach. Today, we are proud to announce the collaboration with Lexar Partners as our strategic growth partner and investor’, said Steven Klompenhouwer, CEO of Digital Survival Group. “An excellent foundation has been established over the past few years with two strong labels to grow from there. Lexar Partners has a technology-only focus and brings the necessary knowledge and expertise for further buy-and-build, and with its hands-on approach is going to help us make Digital Survival Group a serious Dutch and eventually European player in the coming years. This is valuable for both our clients and our employees. “


“As an executive team we are taking Digital Survival Group to the next growth phase. With the arrival of Lexar as our new partner we can accelerate this. Their extensive experience and expertise will enable us to further professionalize our organization, making it easier to absorb the targeted growth – both organically and through acquisitions”, said Jan Riksen, COO of Digital Survival Group. ‘With Lexar Partners joining, we can continue to grow steadily and take an even more important role in the digital transformation of our clients.’


“A tremendously great step for all involved and very proud of this partnership. With Digital Survival Group, we are partnering with a unique group of digital companies with great international growth potential and deep digital transformation knowledge and experience on board to assist clients from A to Z in their digital journey ‘, says James Looman of Lexar Partners. “The impressive growth since its inception in 2018 and its forward-thinking market vision gives us confidence that together we will make this an even bigger success story. The strong management and shareholder team remains on board and together with them we will execute our buy-and-build roadmap in the coming years, both in the Netherlands and in Europe.”


About Digital Survival Group

Digital Survival Group is a Netherlands based platform of digital boutiques with more than 200 employees consisting of group labels Digital Survival Company (cloud native managed services) and Product League (low-code software development). Digital Survival Group focuses on providing end-to-end digital transformation services in customer domains including food-retail, retail, public transportation, local government, health insurance and the financial sector. Digital Survival Group operates from offices in Utrecht, Nieuwegein, Lisbon and Porto.


Digital Survival Group has been assisted in this process by DC Advisory, KPMG, Bolt Advocaten and Amstone. For more information, please contact CEO Steven Klompenhouwer at


About Lexar Partners

Lexar Partners is an investment firm based in Laren that provides (growth) capital to leading innovative software and IT services companies. Lexar Partners was founded in 2022 by Sander van Woerden and Max van de Blaak, who each have more than 17 years of experience in entrepreneurship and the investment industry. Since its inception, Lexar Partners has formed partnerships with companies playing a role in tomorrow’s digital world, including technology and digital transformation.


Lexar Partners has been assisted in this process by de Breij, Sincerius and JSA.