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Cloud is not just an extension of your datacenter nor is it a platform to create unlimited virtual machines. It is way more than that. To explain it very briefly: we believe it is a strategic enabler, consisting of an enormous variety of services that can quickly add value to business. Digital Survival Company was born in the cloud. We truly believe in the power that cloud technology can bring to organizations. This means that we use it wherever we can to show our clients the great advantages of transforming workloads to the cloud in a controlled way. 


We embrace two of the leading cloud platforms in the world: AWS because of its high flexibility and versatility, Azure because of its accessible functionality and tight office and workspace integration. Our cloud expert teams specialize in working in a cloud-agnostic way. To achieve maximum result we unleash the strengths of both cloud platforms to suit our client’s needs. Our cloud craftsmen and women keep up with the latest innovations in both AWS and Azure to ensure the best possible solutions while evolving your business. And we advise on what to use, why to use it and when to use it.


Our cloud services aren’t the typical consulting and managed services. We created a new way of engagement, aimed on empowerment of your organization instead of dependency. We make sure your cloud environments stay secure, cost-efficient and aligned to your business goals.

Cloud Strategy

Getting the most from cloud is not one task. It is an ongoing, strategic journey. Without an IT strategy aligned with your business strategy the cloud is just another network of datacenters. And if you treat it like that it could very well be an expensive datacenter and maybe it will even hold you back. We believe moving to cloud is not a technology-only exercise. On the contrary, it is about a new way of working, thinking and behaving – one that lets technology become a driver of business value. From business case creation to adoption strategy, team and culture development and cloud roadmap planning: we help the whole organization evolve to leverage as much value from cloud investments as quickly as possible. The result is a strong cloud based organization, consisting of agile, cloud-ready processes, the right skill sets and the ability to prioritize. A context that is the foundation for future innovation and continuous improvement.

Cloud Landingzone

A cloud landing zone is a standardized framework on which organizations can implement a large-scale cloud migration in a controlled and efficient way. The huge advantage of a cloud landingzone is that important parameters are defined that determine how workloads and data are used in the cloud environment. We design and build resilient cloud landing zones together with our customers in our ‘discovery and define’ workshops. After defining is done, we naturally build the cloud infrastructure as code. Completely reusable, tooling and deployment pipelines set and ready to land the clients workloads. It makes cloud environments more predictable, more secure and compliant with rules and regulations.

Cloud Transformation

At Digital Survival Company we created our own strategic approach on how to transform workloads to the cloud. The Cloud Application Survival Transformation (CAST) approach is based on cloud market transformation/migration standards combined with our own best practices and learnings. CAST will maximize value from the cloud while minimizing migration time, effort, costs and risks. It contains a proven migration strategy, in-dept analysis of application landscape, guiding principles on which cloud service provider platform to select and off course the agile project execution to migrate and transform the workloads itself.

Managed Cloud Ops

Our 24/7 managed cloud services employ a proven methodology of continuous improvement for running critical business operations in the cloud. Once we transformed applications to the cloud we help our clients stay ahead in the cloud. That means continuously improving every aspect of our clients operations. The result is that cloud environments are always working – as effectively as possible – in service of the metrics that truly drive success for the core business value chains. Because agility isn’t a fixed concept – it changes depending on the needs of our clients. Our best-in-class cloud Ops keeps you on track towards future cloud ambitions and objectives.

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