(Food) Retail
Digital Survival Company is a trusted advisor on cloud for a large food retail company with nationwide presence. At first we delivered an AWS cloud landing zone based on our Digital Survival Company cloud framework. The first workload to land on the AWS landing zone was the mobile app for the customers of this food retail company. Next step was creating an Azure cloud landing zone to land several office automation based services, among others. This client is now set and ready to migrate their full landscape to the cloud. Digital Survival Company delivers 24/7 cloud ops for all these cloud environments.


Public Transport

We guide our public transport client in their first real steps to the cloud. Digital Survival Company stepped in during a running project around public transportation data intelligence, resulting in a cloud environment to facilitate a state of the art data-lake solution. In the next phase and after several cloud strategy workshops together with the client, we decided to create a reliable cloud landing zone as the foundation for future workloads.


Digital Survival Company provided the cloud solution for an interactive, online learning platform to help a large healthcare organization improve the quality of healthcare they provide. Also the platform is used the medical staff members. The platform is providing them complete training possibilities, up-to-date healthcare knowledge and the opportunity to share experiences with other employees and other healthcare organizations around the country.